Bailey Laurel Ginsberg







Did Bailey Anticipate Her Early Death?


At age 13, she made a pack with her best friend that if either was to die, they would leave a sign to let the other know they were alright.


The summer before her passing she argued her case to travel to Israel, but because of the escalating fighting there, she was told her it was too dangerous for her to go.  Her response was, "You don't understand. That is not how I am going to die!"


At dinner, hours before her passing, she showed her mother her palm, pointing out a short lifeline.


And a lone unmarked computer disk found by her favorite teacher on the day of a memorial to her at her high school produced a single file, and when opened revealed a poem with her deepest thought......


The Wonder Awaits


I lay down to sleep

on this one last evening

wondering how much more

until I'll be leaving


And I think about

the time that has past

and I can't help believing

that it might not last


Is there an end

and what after that

do I go on

or just disappear in a snap


The newspaper reads

of someone's death

and I wonder the chances

that I could be next


There are so many

horrible ways to die

I hope I go peacefully

with not a cry


My dreams of this moment

are a mist in the air

for of the dreams

I do not care


I await the moment

that I see the truth

do I live on

or in a silent booth


Each day I'm afraid

of the events to come

But maybe I shouldn't be

maybe death's not a bum


Maybe I'll like it

and maybe it's better

but that I will see

when G-d sends me that letter


The letter that says

it is time to go

the moment I feared

will finally show


And I will go forth

to see what's in store

if I live on

or the rest is a bore


I only wish that

I could come back

to tell the world

of what death is in fact