Bailey Laurel Ginsberg



 My Scholarship Buds

The Bailey Ginsberg Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to two seniors who share Bailey's contagious enthusiasm for life, an ability to bring humor to everyday situations, a uniquely positive attitude towards school, and a love for the written word.
You can help keep my memory alive at Cold Spring Harbor High School by making a donation to the Bailey Ginsberg Scholarship Fund.  You can mail a check payable to The Bailey Ginsberg Scholarship Fund to Ginsberg, P.O. Box 960, Huntington, New York 11743-0960, or use the donate button below. 
Bailey Ginsberg Scholarship Fund
The Ginsberg Family gratefully acknowledges your continued expressions of sympathy.  Your contributions to the Bailey Ginsberg Scholarship Fund will help others to learn the valuable lessons taught to us all by Bailey.
Hannah Fagin 2013
Sean Rooney 2013
Breanna Giovanniello 2012
Jake Lisabeth 2012
Brandon McLear 2011
Nicole Sganga 2011
Liam Murray 2010
Ashley Rooney 2010
Gabrielle Giovanniello 2009
Andrew Silverstein 2009
Pat Carey 2008
Christina Cody 2008
Rachel Broderick 2007
Dennis O'Reilly 2007
Ashley Foxen 2006
Justin Simon 2006
Kaitlin Chabina 2003
Greg Musso 2003