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My Poetry

Hidden Treasure is a collection of the Poetry and Prose of Bailey Laurel Ginsberg which was discovered and compiled after her death

At Age 10, Bailey's Poem, The Angel's Creation was selected to be included in theAnthology of Poetry by Young Americans, 1998 Edition.

The Angel's Creation

I love when I see the first trickle of snow

coming down on its twisty swirly flight

and getting a perfect landing down

the grassy runway.

Then sinking into the Devil's dungeon.

I don't get how the Angel's creations

become the Devil's snacks.

If I were a snowflake I'd ask the Angel

for wings so I could fly and stay in the clouds

instead of being burned into nothingness.

This short poem was written at age 9.


In my palace up in the sky


In my palace up in the sky

No one is allowed to cry


It is a place for laughter and fun

No one up there carries a gun


There is nothing to be afraid of

It is a place to express my love


There is no competition

There is no disgrace


In my palace up in the sky

it makes me feel like I can fly

The last four lines of this beautiful poem have been engraved on Bailey's footstone.

Rough Coat

  Just gazing at your face

Could I learn much more

Than that which is apparent

And that which I deplore


If I study long enough

Mirroring your glance

Could I see something there

Catch a glimpse of extraordinary

                                  By chance


I cannot peel my eyes away

I have seen what you can do

I have seen you at your worst endeavor

But I have seen you act anew


I think that if I watched you live

For just long enough

I would begin to see only good

Through the coat that covers you and makes you

                                          Seem so rough


Now that I have tasted of

Those noble deeds that cleansed my eye

There is not an act you can exploit

To make me change my mind


I am convinced there’s something greater

Each time you turn your head

And see me focused in on you

In a way you know I’m searching for the you

                                        That I have read


Those wings that you have bundled

So tight beneath your coat:

I will make them spread right through the fabric



I will knock the hat right from your head

And make your halo shine

To show the world that underneath

Are ways in which your heart is so pure

                                      And so divine


One day I will rip the sheet

That casts shadows on your smile

I will pour the light out from my eyes

And let it shine on you a while


Although this autobiographical prose bears no title, it can easily be called Bailey’s Life Review. The notation following the March 14, 2001 creation date reads, “There was a Child.” That may have been the model from which she was inspired.




I went forth every day

And the objects that surrounded me, made me who I am

And each person or event played its own role that changed the course of  

          that day and the next, and all the ones to follow

And each thing, big and small, affected me forever.


In my family, the smallest of them all,

Striving to break the bond that had been tightly formed between the two  

          before me craving attention, asking questions, wanting answers,

And each response made a piece of me.

Always following in the footsteps of my brother and my sister

          never starting for myself but continuing from their example, taking  

          their leftovers,


          and liking it.

Learning from them, and Stace, our housekeeper, our friend,

And part of me becoming like one, the other parts held pieces of the others

          Karate, with my brother, a white belt, discipline, respect, strength, 


          Horseback riding, with my sister, shows, 2nd place, control, fun, fear

These activities are embedded in my mind

Seeing my sister’s braces, and wanting them

Family cats, Sherman, Stanley, Sophie

Sherman getting old, and sick and eventually he died, looking at me, and 

                                                  dying, right outside my sister’s room

         Stanley, so ill and old, and suffering, putting him to sleep

         Each trauma was burned in my memory

And each time one would go we would replace it with another, Demi, small and 


Nightmares, trading my upstairs room for my brother’s room, right next   

         to my parents and feeling safe

Hearing the music coming from upstairs, Ace of Base, his first CD

         drowned out by the door to my brother’s room

Getting braces, wanting them off, painful, annoying, ugly

Rooting myself into the ground where I was raised, in my neighborhood, with  

         my family, in our corner house, with the big hill, the neighborhood kids   

         coming to sleigh ride, the best house on the block, the big snow storm,  

         snowball fights, forts, strategies

All of that became a part of me.

Glasses, cumbersome, breaking, in the way

I met Spot, the new kitten, tiny, wild

Birthdays, fun, loud, special

Relaxing, free time, bedtimes, wanting to stay up

Taking in everything around me, thinking I could remember it for ever, not knowing memories fade

and a few of them became part of me



Learning the secrets of my siblings, being trusted, forming my own ties

         to both of them

Teaching them the things I knew

karate, boring, a chore, pain, dull, brown belt

Envying my brother’s seclusion in the upstairs room, yearning for his privacy

My roots ripped out of the ground, Moving, replanting into a new home, new 

         room, new school, new friends, new life

Starting things of my own, lacrosse, soccer, exercise, fun, friends

         trying new things, sushi, speech

Spot became my own, closest to me, love, comfort

My braces removed, my teeth, perfect, white, clean, an obsession

My Bat-Mitzvah, adulthood, Judaism,

         That became a part of me

Forming my own likes, reading, writing, school, challenges, puzzles, brain  

         teasers, music my first CD, Ace of Base, music heard through the house, 

         drowned out only slightly by my door, everywhere, anytime

Time, precious, lacking, busy, and liking it, late nights of homework, sports, craving sleep

Friends becoming closer than even my family, true friendships, lasting, helping, laughing, caring

First time skiing, with my friends, falling, standing, loving it

         those moments are everlasting

Contacts, finally, small, compact, invisible

Begging for less regulations, more freedom

Scared, everywhere, of everything, of nothing, of boredom, silence, unknowns, my future, worry

Planning, my college, my family, my job, my destiny

Curiosity, wondering, questioning, my hobbies

         All of these things had an impact on me.

And I went forth, and continue to do so

Each day thinking up new worries, new ideas, making new friends, and new accomplishments

And every day I do something that will shape my future and, stay

a part of me.